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NEW Red Flag Rules from the FTC & DMV require all licensed car dealers offering credit to be in red flag rules compliance before December 30, 2010 "RED FLAG RULES"
October 2010
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Red Flag Penalties
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Red Flag Penalties

avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance
penalties for red flag non-compliance
are severe
$ 2500. per vehicle transaction
beginning in november
and then
$ 11000. per vehicle transaction
once warned by the FTC

this federal law is administered by the FTC
this is the same agency which requires the
federal buyers guide
affixed to every car in america
before being offered for retail sale

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FREE Online Red Flag Tutorial

licensed car dealers who assist with obtaining credit or who offer in house financing to their customers need to demonstrate RED FLAG compliance before December 30, 2010

we are the only
dmv certified car dealer school
offering a written template & program
to teach compliance with the new federal law
known as the red flag rules
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Red Flag Dealer Class

in california, we have red flag car dealer classes in:

Aptos, Burlingame, Novato, Fresno, San Diego, Modesto, Salinas, West LA, Oakland
Garden Grove, Campbell, San Francisco,
San Carlos, Fairfield, Walnut Creek,
Santa Rosa, Fremont, San Luis Obisbo,
Santa Barbara, Sherman Oaks,
Bakersfield, Riverside and Palm Springs

we also offer a home study red flag program nationwide

As certified dmv dealer education providers
we understand compliance issues for the car dealers
we have been teaching dealer education in california since 1998

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Our Red Flag Dealer Class includes:

our car dealer guidebook for the red flag rules
our car dealer template of the
Identity Theft Detection Program
( both in hard copy and as a formatted word document )
our examination for the red flag rules
certificates of completion for red flag rules training
red flag rules compliance posters for your office

FREE online tutorial red flag training for all of your staff

remember, if you are a licensed car dealer
assisting or offering financing to your customers
we will have you in compliance taking our red flag rules training
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What does it cost ???

we have prepared a

FREE red flag rules online tutorial

for staff and employees to review
prior to the compliance deadline of june 1, 2010

total cost for the red flag car dealer training:            $  500.