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We provide the best auto dealer educational courses in all of California. Our online classes allow students to complete their course in the comfort of their homes. Looking for in-person classes? We also offer in-person classes in 39 cities across California. Start your course today!

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Azita Rezaei’s journey to success is a testament to her unwavering determination and hard work. As a refugee from Iran, she arrived in the United States of America in May 2007 with no prior experience of the country. However, her dreams and goals were bigger than any obstacle that came her way.

As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend, Azita always strived to be helpful to everyone around her. She knew that following her goals and achieving success was important not just for herself but also for her son. She wanted to be a role model for him and make him proud of her in the future. Her son is currently pursuing a master’s program on sport management at the University of Miami.


Azita - Owner

Azita started working at three different places while attending school. During this time, she met Mr. Joseph Weatherman, who was running a dealer education program for Tri Star Motors LLC. She took a used car dealer class with him to help her husband buy and sell cars legally in the country. Little did she know that this would lead to a job opportunity at Tri Star Motors LLC.

After graduating from Fresno State, Azita became the general manager of Tri Star Motors LLC’s office. She worked for Mr. Weatherman’s business for almost 15 years until his untimely demise in an auto accident on March 18. Azita was devastated by the loss of her mentor and decided to open her own business to carry forward Mr. Weatherman’s dreams and her own.

Azita learned many valuable lessons from Mr. Weatherman during her time at Tri Star Motors LLC. She learned to be patient and kind with customers, provide excellent service, give accurate information, and be available even after class. She also learned the importance of being loyal, working honestly and quickly, sharing knowledge with customers, being fair on price, and providing equal service to everyone.

Azita’s journey has been filled with ups and downs, but she persevered through it all. She is now a successful business owner who has kept many customers happy with her excellent service. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve success through hard work and determination.


Available Courses



New Dealer

$ 99

We provide you the ability to operate your dealership within current DMV guidelines.



$ 39

As an existing licensed dealer you must take a continuing education course every two years.


Renewal Dealer License

$ 100

We'll send you the materials to study, take the test and send it back to us to grade the exam.


Renewal License

$ 200

We provide you the ability to operate your dealership within the current DMV guidelines.


New License

$ 300

Operate your dealership within DMV guidelines. A 6 hour class for new dealer education.

Additional Services

Let us help you with the necessary items needed once you complete your course.

Start an LLC or Corporation


Setting Up DMV Portal


Submit A DMV Application


Full Package: Start LLC / Corp + EIN & Seller's Permit + Setup A DMV Portal & Submit Application


Starter Package: Setup EIN/Seller's Permit + Setup A DMV Portal & Submit Application