Every dealer shall notify DMV:

  • 10 days prior to the effective date of an ownership change.
  • 30 days prior to the effective date of any corporate change.

    $70 is the fee for a corporate change.

    If there has been an ownership or corporate change, the dealer will need to submit a new original application and fees, along with a new dealer bond. Once the application is completed, the dealer will be issued a new dealer number.

    All owners (10% or more) are required to be listed and certified.

    If there is a corporate officer change, an OL-15, Application, Personal History Questionnaire, Livescan and a fee of $70.

    Any change in the dealer address, be it branch add or removal, name change, add or delete category, add autobroker, dealer type change or location change requires immediate notification to the Inspector of jurisdiction, an application and fees posted prior to change.