Fee Schedule


Initial Fees


Late Penalty

Original Application

$ 151.

$ 101.

$ 150.

Each Branch License

$ 70.

$ 70.

$ 70.

Each Fingerprint Card

$ 42.



Each Dealer Plate *

$ 41.

$ 41.

$ 3. 1-10 days




$ 6. 11-30 days

Renewal fees are due annually and must be paid by the expiration date. Effective Jan 1, 2006 annual fees will be collected for a two year period. You may renew within 30 days after expiration, with penalty as listed above. After 30 days, NO renewal means NO more license.

Renewal is done annually, paid two years at a time, class is done every two years, we suggest renewal docs, certificate and check be copied prior to being sent to the DMV headquarters occupational licensing office. You may contact the local inspector prior to renewal for issuance of temporary dealer plates and wall license.

  • Some counties impose additional fees for dealer plates.
  • Every dealer must complete a continuing education course, either an on-line or home study version ( with no time limit ) or an in person course of 4 hours length, once every two years, prior to license renewal. Only those dealers who are wholesale only, selling fewer than 50 cars per year are exempt.
  • Along with renewal notice send the original continuing education certificate of completion to:
      DMV Occupational Licensing
      PO Box 932342
      Sacramento, CA, 94232 – 3420
  • For Continuing Education Exemption Form go to:

     or see sample on page 14.

DMV will be eliminating the distribution of Industry Memos by US Mail during 2006. Please take advantage of electronic distribution services provided for free by the DMV. To receive free electronic distribution go to: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/email-subscriber-help/

The DMV prefers that, when available, the owner or corporate officer of each dealership attend the dealer continuing education course on behalf of the dealership.

All managers taking the renewal class on behalf of the dealership must be licensed sales persons. Those married to owners of a dealership, if involved in the business with regards to personal use of the dealer plate, managerial, financial or registration work must be licensed sales persons.