Each retail ROS form must be completed in its entirety. The sections are:

  1. Date of sale as is the date the buyer paid for the vehicle or the date the buyer signed a contract and took possession of the vehicle.
  2. The vehicle make and not the model.
  3. The manufacturer’s year model as on title.
  4. The body type abbreviation as per DMV.
  5. The mode of power, generally gas or diesel.
  6. The number of axles.
  7. The unladen weight.
  8. The vehicle identification number. *Check vin as on title.
  9. The last year of registration.
  10. The last state or country of registration.
  11. The last registered license plate number.
  12. The buyer’s residence county, to determine fee.
  13. The buyer’s name and California DL or ID.
  14. The buyer’s mailing address.
  15. The dealer’s name, address & authorized signer’s signature.
  16. The dealer and salesperson license numbers.
  17. The buyer’s signatures.
  18. The vehicle odometer mileage

After the ROS was issued by the dealer, the report of the ROS will automatically be sent to the DMV.

The temporary operating copy shall be affixed to the vehicle interior so that it may be read from outside of the vehicle.

If the vehicle has expired registration or will expire within 60 days place the copy in the lower rear window on the driver’s side.

The vehicle may have printed Temporary License Plates while temporary is in the window, Which is good for 90 days.

If the vehicle is missing a front plate, remove rear plate, destroy it, charge the customer an additional $25 and make application for new plates.