Its no secret (or exaggeration); the topic of compliance is ridiculously huge. Auto dealers have so many different laws, rules and regulations to contend with, its easy to get confused. In fact, its almost impossible to not get confused when dealing with the sea of compliance headaches dealers must face today.       quality car dealer education     800-901-5950

In an effort to alleviate some of the stress caused by trying to understand the compliance issues dealers must contend with, here are the salesperson training rules (along with potential penalties for breaking them and helpful links to useful information). Mind you, this list does not cover all compliance issues used car dealers face, and this is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. For legal advice, used car dealers should seek assistance from qualified legal counsel.

Heather Rozzo
DMV car dealer attorney


Just what is the mandatory electronic report of sale system ???

“Owner” is a person authorized to act on behalf of any licensed California car dealer.

All owners of any type of licensed California car dealership, new, used, wholesale or retail must register with the mandatory electronic report of sale system of their choice on or before 12-30-2018.

Beginning on Jan 1, 2019 all California car dealers must report each sale electronically. The owner will set up a master account for the dealership & the owner may then create sub-accounts to allow any manager, finance officer, registration clerk or licensed salesperson to access the system and generate report of sale forms.

The electronic ROS system eliminates the DMV 5 day notice previously sent via US Mail.

Wholesale transactions simply require an electronic report.

Retail Transactions with hard plated vehicles simply require an electronic report and the posting of a temporary operating permit on the windshield.

Retail Transactions without two hard plates simply requires an electronic report, posting of a temporary operating permit on the windshield and the printing & posting of two temporary license plates to be posted on the vehicle.

Each vendor will dispense special perforated paper for these special license plates to be printed.

The authorized DMV processing fee increases to $ 70.

The enhanced DMV processing fee for BPA dealers is $ 85.

BPA dealers are also allowed to collect and post an electronic processing fee of up to $ 30.

Who must take the class ???

The new electronic report of sale regulations require every vendor to offer free training & customer support. We encourage every owner as well as every manager, finance officer & salesperson to attend an electronic report of sale training once the master account is established within the dealership.

Grace Period ???

The new regulations become operative on January 1, 2019, with NO grace period.  

What alternative methods are offered to meet the mandate ???

OnSite Private Class for AB516 Temp Tag Training:     $350.

We will need a copy of the letter from Fairfax Imaging to your dealership.

We then need the following


  • Dealer Owner Name
  • Dealer Number
  • Dealer Position 
  • Email Email
  • Office Number
  • Cell Number 


  • Salesperson Name
  • Salesperson Number
  • Salesperson Position
  • Email
  • Office Number
  • Cell Number 

On Site ROS Training for your entire staff Call 800-901-5950

What additional new laws are on the horizon ???

Prop 65 changes have been made in California which affect every used car dealer.

If you offer cars for sale you must have specific postings regarding cancer risks associated with the purchase of a used motor vehicle. we suggest the following:

  • Window sign for the dealership office.
  • Warning label on every vehicle offered for sale.
  • Warning label on every used car advertisement.
  • Prop 65 disclosure in written form at time of sale.

Call Kathy Thornhill at Reynolds & Reynolds to order Prop 65 materials 800-253-5090

Beginning in 2019 every car sold by a licensed dealer must have two plates attached at the time of sale. An electronic ROS system is being developed by the DMV with special paper to print them.

Doc fees will increase as well.

  • $ 70. for non BPA dealers
  • $ 85. for BPA dealers

Call Stephanie Garcia at DealerTrack to become a BPA dealer 916-217-8001