There are two types of California title. They are complying title, date & miles printed on the front, and non-complying title, no date & miles printed.

See Sample on pages 67 – 80.

To transfer a used vehicle, you need to submit a signed title or duplicate application and a completed DMV REG262 after 05-01-98.

See Sample on pages 67 – 80.

For a Duplicate Title Form go to: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/reg/reg227.pdf

You may encounter old style paperwork and you may still have to process this to complete a transfer.

The DMV REG 262 contains, on one form, all of the documentation needed for most vehicle transfers. The sections are:

Vehicle identification section Bill of sale section

*transfers w/o vin will be returned. The dealer identifies the buyer & seller, purchase price & if transfer is gift.

Odometer disclosure statement

Must be complete and signed by both the buyer/ seller and the dealer.

Power of attorney

This allows the dealer to register the vehicle into the buyer’s name. The power of attorney is not valid without a signature.

Buyer and seller information

Must be completed.

All relevant documents pertaining to the terms and conditions of any sale shall be signed by the buyer. Printed names and signatures must be in ink.

Errors or alterations on this form will void and a new one will have to be completed. No strikeouts, No whiteout and No highlighting.

A dealer cannot represent both a buyer and a seller in the same transaction regarding assignment of power of attorney. Two bill of sale forms required.

See Sample on pages 67 – 80.

No person shall drive, move or leave standing upon a highway…….any motor vehicle unless it is registered and the appropriate fees have been paid in full.

If a vehicle has expired California registration or it will expire within 60 days or it is an out of state vehicle, registration fees shall be collected by the dealer at the time of sale.

All registration fees collected by the dealer are to be submitted to the DMV within 20 days of the date of sale.

  • As of 01-01-99 fees may be paid within 30 days after the date of sale.

All dealers must pay a CA transfer fee following the sale of a used motor vehicle to the DMV. The fee is $15 as of 07-01-99.

The time requirements for transfers are as follows:

  • If the registration is expired or out of state the fees must be paid within 20 days from the date of sale.
  • To see where the DMV fees go – visit online at: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/brochures/fast_facts/ffvr10.htm
  • The dealer must pay fees, including penalties if expiration occurs prior to acquisition into dealer inventory. The buyer only pays fees from the date of sale forward, and the fee must be prorated, if applicable.
  • The buyer must pay one full year of fees when making application of an out of state vehicle. Dealer may not charge for required vehicle verification.
  • All other applications and transfer fees must be submitted and paid within 30 days of the date of sale.
  • If the application is first submitted within 30 days of the date of sale and the application is returned the dealer has 30 days to correct and return the item but may not exceed 50 days from the date of sale to complete the transfer with the DMV to avoid a penalty.

Administrative service fees are penalties issued against a dealer by DMV. As of 01-01-99 fees may be paid within 30 days after the date of sale.

Each ASF count against a dealer can be used as a separate count against the dealer’s license in any administrative action taken against the dealer.

ASF penalties cannot be passed on to the buyer.

When the following omissions occur a penalty is required:

– Dealer fails to send in “dealer notice” of report of sale.

ASF penalty of $5

– Dealer fails to display a report of sale copy on vehicle.

ASF penalty of $5

– Dealer fails to submit application with all fees, penalties and supporting documents to DMV within 30 days of the date of sale.

ASF penalty of $5

– Dealer fails to clear an application within 50 days

ASF penalty of $25

Application for waiver of fees requires a statement of facts from the manager of the DMV field office accepting application.

An out of state delivery occurs when a buyer resides in another state and he wishes to register the vehicle in that state.

The used report of sale should state: “for registration out of state”.

The buyer must obtain registration from his home state before the vehicle is moved on the highways, or the buyer must obtain a one way permit from the DMV for a fee of $15.

  • Notarized documentation of direct delivery needed for tax rules, unless a bill of lading from a licensed transporter is on file.
  • Board of equalization forms recommended
  • Access them @ www.bofe.ca.gov

For vehicle sales out of country, if time is critical:

A quick title request for certificate of title to be issued within 72 hours may be honored for an additional fee of $15. All original fees still apply and a completed original or transfer application must accompany the request.

All quick title requests must be submitted to a specific office for processing.

The current quick title office:
Department of Motor Vehicles
72 – Hour Special Processing – D 238 2415 First Avenue
Sacramento, CA, 95818

A dealer shall, without notice or request from the buyer and/or DMV return all fees overpaid by a buyer for licensing, taxes and transfer of vehicle.

A dealer may not collect a non-refundable deposit and must refund all deposits when a buyer chooses not to complete a sales transaction.

Delivery of the vehicle at the licensed location is required for completion. This would include so called “auto buying service” fees.

This would include deposits for custom or specialty vehicles.

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