An offsite sales license is needed when a dealer, at a location used for a limited duration, intends to engage in motor vehicle sales. These sales are handled as temporary branch location sales.

  • All temporary branch locations must provide with application, ten days prior to opening, to the Inspector of jurisdiction:
  • Copy of lease, rental agreement Copy of promoter’s notice Zoning verification letter
  • Photo set of location and office

See sample on pages 21 – 46 or see links below:

The branch location must have:

  • Sign of two square feet readable from 50 feet with dealer name and permanent license address posted
  • Temporary permit, Salesperson licenses, No Cooling Off, Car Buyers Option Notice and Vehicle Inspection Notice signs posted
  • Display area independent of other dealers with no other vehicles. No parking of public or employee vehicles in display area

Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights Option Provisions must be clearly indicated to the DMV Inspector of Jurisdiction at the time of application.

A branch license is not required when:

Motor vehicles are displayed on a temporary basis at a location such as a public shopping mall, an exhibition or similar exhibit provided the dealer meets the following provisions:

  • The vehicle display is less than 30 days and No sales are offered. No consideration, deposit or trade-in to be accepted.
  • Location must be of a type available to all dealers.
  • The dealer shall, display a sign, including the dealer’s name and principal location. with the statement:

No sales permitted and no deposits accepted at this location.