The report of sale book is required of each dealer, provided by and remains DMV property. There are separate wholesale and retail report of sale forms.

The wholesale report of sale form is a one-part form and must be sent to DMV within 5 days upon vehicle transfer to another dealer.

The retail used vehicle report of sale is required for each sale. The four parts are:

Application copy

(mail w/title & reg262 within 30 days, local)

Dealer’s notice

Will send to dmv electronically

Purchaser’s operating copy

(in vehicle window)

Book copy

(in office for 4 years)

Mark voided forms and place all parts in your dealer book. The dealer must keep track of each numbered form.

The DMV recommends using the forms in numerical order.

The retail used car dealer uses quick tag or fair fax for online ROS

The retail report of sale form is a full page and used for all retail transactions.

The wholesale report of sale form is one half (1/2) page and used for all wholesale transactions.

Remember, a retail dealer is automatically a wholesaler (included in the license). But, a wholesaler is not necessarily a retail dealer.

If you need Help for online ROS Please contact quick tag or fair fax at (844)425-5824

See Sample on pages 67 – 80.

The books are the property of the DMV, must be available for inspection and the dealer must take steps to reasonably store and protect the documents.